The History of Lion's Pride Kinship

Lion's Pride is a gaming clan/guild/kinship that has actually been around awhile. It began many years ago, before the opening of the first LOTRO server, in the lands of Aden and Elmore of the game Lineage II.

Over the years, the group's name, roster and game of choice has changed, but we all remain great friends. Since being founded by Hiryu (Hiryuil, our fearless leader on LOTRO), KayDee and Keelmoore (Dawnmist on LOTRO), we have strived to provide a haven for casual gamers and newbies who just wish to have fun without the trappings of raid schedules, being pressured into leveling up quickly or just having their game experience dictated by a megalomaniacal group leader. But don't let that fool you, we run plenty of instances! We just like to let them be a spur of the moment thing or a fun activity we rally to when a member asks for help to complete a pesky quest.

Contrary to popular belief, our name did not come from the popular RPG game, Fallout 3. We get asked about that a lot. Instead, the name was chosen back in 2009 when switching Lineage II servers because all the founders, and many other high-profile members at the time, are Leos. We are just highly self-centered like that. RAWR!

Most of us were done going through the grind of L2, and a few of us decided to switch it up and start playing a new game together. We ended up choosing Lord of the Rings Online, and in October of 2010, the Lion's Pride Kinship arose on the Meneldor server. LOTRO turned out to be a great choice and we have been having fun playing it ever since.

Lion's Pride Kinship Rules

Our rules are pretty simple, in fact, so simple that no long lists or explanations are needed.

  1. Don't be a tool.

  2. Be respectful.

  3. See rule #1.

Recent Posts from the Lion's Pride FaceBook Group

Part of the kin but not a member of the Lion's Pride FaceBook Group Page? Why not become a member and join in the discussions and frivulous banter between kinnies? Talk about game play, post your in-game screen shots, rant about game annoyances, or just anything your little heart desires to chat about. We are friendly and welcoming, and no one should fear our sarcastic dark sides. Most of us like to yack and babble on a variety of topics and will usually interject some form of humor anywhere we can.

LPK Master Guild Crafters

If you ever need a crafter to make you some higher level gear that requires guild-standing, then ask one of these members if they are willing and able to hook you up with some new pretty shinies.

  • Askin: Woodworker's Guild
  • Blendar: Weaponsmith's Guild
  • Dawnmist: Jeweller's Guild
  • Dreon: Scholar's Guild
  • Epec: Cook's Guild
  • Galendia: Jeweller's Guild
  • Hiryuil: Tailor's Guild
  • Krecklore: Metalsmith's Guild
  • Limelight: Weaponsmith's Guild
  • Mythreindeer: Tailor's Guild
  • Sicae: Woodworker's Guild
  • Thudgar: Weaponsmith's Guild
  • Vilepadriac: Not guild, but a damned fine Cook