Brothers and Sisters, We Are a Pride!

Lion's Pride Kinship is located on the Meneldor server of the Lord of the Rings Online interactive video game. We wage a strong campaign against Saruman, the very naughty, grumpy wizard. We fight together as a beacon of hope amidst the evil surrounding us at every turn, and are determined to do what is good and just! This is usually accomplished by confusing the shit out of the enemy via shenanigans. Hey! Whatever works to make those smelly orcs fall is all that matters. Besides, shenanigans are just plain fun. Who doesn't like fun?

We are a widely diverse group of wacky, fun-loving, game-playing individuals. We are crazy, but in that good kind of crazy, not the serial killer crazy way. We love off-beat senses of humor. You will often find the kin chat full of silly bantering, and dare we say... merriment. Yes, we also like 'Men in Tights'. We are welcoming, friendly and made up mostly of adults age 21 and up. We like our members to be at least somewhat level-headed and mature in demeanor. That is not to say we are above a good fart joke because goodness knows, we are certainly not.

If you are looking for a hardcore raiding kin, or a kinship to simply do all your quests and crafting for you, then this is not the kinship you are looking for. We play with the idea of teaching you to fish rather than just giving you some already dead, gutted, cleaned and filleted pieces. It makes for a more solid group foundation when members are eager to learn, capable of fending for themselves and can handle and even enjoy solo play. This does not mean we do not ever play together or help each other out. Of course we do! That is what a kinship is all about, right? We form kin fellowships to tackle quests, instances and skirmishes together. If you ever need help with a quest, items, or crafting, then all you need to do is ask. We just prefer players that do not constantly have their hands out asking or whining for someone to quickly 'power-level' them.

Our kinship house is in a prime location near Thorin's Gate. This makes it just a short ride away from swift travel horses, a vault, an auction house, crafting areas, class trainers and a skirmish camp. Our home address is: 5 Stonemirk Street, in the Holdá Neighborhood of the Thorin's Hall Homesteads.

Lion's Pride Kinship is recruiting! Join the original, witty, banter-loving, brownie-munching, mischief-making gang of lovable rascals. We welcome players of all classes and levels. Those new to the game, casual players or seasoned adventurers are all invited. We are receptive, good-natured, easy-going and helpful. Simply find one of us in game, send us a 'Tell' and ask to join. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!